Today Wachowiak works on, above all, the problem of the iconographic sign. In hundreds of variants he balances between what gives clarity, facticity of views, and what a sign, a formal shortcut, simplification or poster style of expression do. Wachowiak, like few other people, excels at capturing moments when what is factual and what is artefactual meets and integrates. He presents his themes like a painting methodologist, building provocative idioms. This art, in a manner of speaking, disposes of its own artefactual nature, diagnosing, at the same time, the contemporary visual civilization.

We will also find an extremely different aspect. Wachowiak’s Painting reveals his ability of authentically perceiving and reading nature — even of empathizing with it. His landscapes, the whole strange seascape painting is, essentially, a case in point. In addition, the artist often invokes, in a technical sense, intermediate experience, photography that captures the concrete character of representation like in a summary of a future painting with completeness, the discipline of layout, some sort of stability, which a paint will soon destroy, blur.

Curator of the exhibition

Magdalena Sołtys