Jan Dobkowski was born in 1942 in Łomża. In 1968, he gained his diploma in painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw in Professor Jan Cybis’ studio; though he started his course of study in Professor Juliusz Studnicki’s atelier.

The gallery presents a new series of Jan Dobkowski’s paintings of 2010 titled “The moon and my wild cherry”.

He speaks about outer space, so important in his oeuvre, this time through the lens of what is close and easily accessible for him – a tree that he planted years ago on his plot in Czerniaków, a neighborhood in Warsaw. He presents a real thing, animated out his own will and with his own hands, seen in a straight line from the window of his studio in the mandorla of the moon. He subtly links it with the celestial body that serves as its night setting, even though it is furthest in terms of distance. This neighborhood, so harmonious, is actually visual, symbolic, simply flat, semiotic, which everybody knows. Nonetheless, the painting measures allow the artist to achieve a surprising sense of depth. However, it blurs the distance impossible to cover. Actually, he blends two incompatible scales, classes of things or beings into one. Again, full integration.

Curator of the exhibition

Magdalena Sołtys