Marcin Kozłowski entitled his latest exhibition in the Galeria Bardzo Biała somewhat perversely – “Four rooms with paintings”.

The painter prepared his presentation in the Galeria Bardzo Biała exceptionally meticulously and accurately. Similarly to the film each room or hall of the gallery is a separate story. Kozłowski presents his latest paintings (for those familiar with his works it will be easy to find the motifs from previous expositions) but it seems to me, however that it may be a trap laid by the artist. I would suggest avoiding banal associations, though we will see a continuation at the exhibition, the whole brings an astonishing effect of a thickening atmosphere of anxiety. What makes Kozłowski an artist is the ability to build a mood with the use of seemingly simple formal means. This is simplicity of the highest order, succinctness and precision of a poet recounting perversely intriguing stories. I listen intently to these stories in silence and reverie.

Tomasz Milanowski, Professor at the Academy of Fine Arts

Curator of the ”Galeria Bardzo Biała”