“House of reminiscences, family house rises above an underground crypt of an oneiric house. In the crypt are roots, a foothold, an abyss, chasm of of dreams.”

(Gaston Bachelard, Maison de famille et maison onirique)

“Im tune” means “my house” in Armenian. It looks taken from a primer: “this is my dad, this is my mom, these are my brothers, this is my sister, this is me, Arman, and this is our home.” In Yerevan, the house which I have never seen, though I know its exact address. Arman Galstyan as the only member of the family was born in Poland, lives in Warsaw, but in his dreams he often returns to the Yerevan house, where he has never been. And this house, specific and unreal at the same time, the artist attempts to recreate in the space of of the gallery. A multiple-element installation occupying all the rooms is a metaphorical reconstruction of family home and an attempt to revive its climate on the basis of the testimonies of his nearest and dearest. Pictures, objects, sentimental trinkets, such as a sister’s (Agnessa’s) doll, a green drum, a hall, a furry trunk or German porcelain and thermoses from the Czech Republic create a magnetic field – “thinghill”, revealing the totality of existence (again, I quote Bachelard from The Poetics of Reverie), where everything is significant. At the same time, it is a journey to the past, to the parents’ country, to Armenian roots. The name Arman in Old Persian means Armenia.

The title of the exhibition “IM TUNE” written in Armenian, can be considered as a manifestation of the young artist’s resistance to the insipidity of the surrounding world, as seeking his own identity through art.

Curator of the exhibition: Krzysztof M. Bednarsk