“The question about the reason seems to be key in the process of bringing anything to life.

It suffices to phrase the question correctly. Topic raised there appears a justification, something once perceived becomes a point of reference at the same time. “You come to this world out of nowhere. You completely do not exist, and out of the sperm injected into the womb something begins to swell up in the woman’s body which later becomes you and suddenly you are and then with every moment you are more and more.” – says “DRACH”, or, Szczepan Twardoch’s spirit of earth. So, do we dig deeper? In pursuit of the first cause, looking for quasi-archaeological trails and antique finds, you can but you do not need to go to faraway places. At the end of the day, it is possible to conduct research here, nearby, reaching, for example, for the Polish tradition of abstraction as for designs from your mother’s-in-law wardrobe – not quite lightly and frivolously, but rather with some natural difficulty.”