Bartek Jarmoliński

Paweł Korbus

Sebastian Krok

Paweł Łyjak

Paweł Matyszewski

Mateusz Michalczyk

Maciej Rauch

Michał Rutz

Kacper Szalecki



Mariusz Mateusz Andrzej

Bartek Jarmoliński

Chit (7.00 pm/25/09)

Zero Woman

The exhibition centered around the issues of love, sex, and desire often leading to jealousy and hatred is arranged only through the male perspective on this field. It is a kind of attempt to answer the question of the time and purpose of appearance of the image of an unfeeling, tough man devoid of emotions, pushed by the biological drive, the image that is so connected with them in 21st century.

Does the way we feel emotions depend so much on sex? Has love really become women’s domain? Is it possible that so great a variety of feelings, of which we read thumbing through the Greek mythology, has integrated into one so poor and degenerated picture? Are Apollo’s uncontrollable lust for Daphne, Adonis’ polyamory for Aphrodite and Persephone, leading to murder, Zephyrus’ jealousy of Hyacinth and Apollo long forgotten past or maybe just a fairy tale, a figment of imagination that has nothing to do with reality? The exhibition is a meeting of nine artists, nine men telling together an indecorous, diverse and multi-layered story about love, around love, in love. Especially this erotic one.


Agnieszka Zgirska