Izabela Chamczyk

Paweł Łyjak

Magda Magdziarz

Paulina Penc

Iwona TM

The exhibition looks into the quandary whether a painting still has the spiritual element, space for contemplation on the purposefulness and direction of the world, for contact with God. Is it only the result of overproduction of the visual message? A part of the trash of pictures attacking our senses, every second of life. Stupefying, throwing off the consciousness of existence, off the inner balance. Is, in the world of the power of the Internet, in which our bodies have been forced to simultaneously absorb and ignore the wealth of experience and communication, in which the ability to focus becomes ever less common in the human race the idea of taking a man to “a temple of art”, in which there are only him, silence and lonely vibration coming from a work, not, by chance an ancient Utopian vision, totally impossible to achieve in the world of ever shaking bodies believing in the validity and purposefullness of the discomfort suffered as a result of the life forms they participate in?

So, it is but a question. Do we still need the silence of reflection, unpolluted by abruptness of assessment, to participate in art, in life?

Have we ever needed it?


Agnieszka Zgirska